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Chunky Chicken Crunchy

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Your favorite fur friend is bursting with energy. An active dog’s life also requires good nutrition. As a owner, you only want the very best for your energetic dog. We understand that very well! But how do you know what the best food is for your four-legged friend?
There Studio Proud – together with clever minds such as a vet, feed specialist & tech guy – a unique test for devised. One that gives the best advice about the kibble for your adult dog. Feed your dog the best food for an active and happy dog ​​life!

Proud Food
All dog food in our range is 100% natural with only high-quality ingredients. Our dog food is packed with vitamins and minerals, without added fragrances and flavors< span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. Complete, balanced nutrition – for healthy and strong dogs.

Composed for your active dog
The Proud & Naughty kibble is specially made for sport dogs, where they have to perform optimally in work or sport. Active dogs need more and different food to function properly. The easily digestible chunks provide all the necessary nutrients.

Extra proteins for muscles and recovery
The crispy chunks contain extra proteins and fats for strong muscle building. With this unique dog food, the condition remains well and your dog recovers quickly after prolonged effort and performance.

Handy subscription for dog food
Your fur friend will never be short of anything again. We understand better than anyone how important dog food is. That is why the unique test from Studio Proud gives the best advice about the kibble for your beloved pet. Thanks to our subscription options, you always have the right feed at home. Easily ordered, you decide how much and how often – after all, you are the boss – and delivered to the doormat.

In addition, with a subscription you get a 20% discount on all our accessories. Spoil your best friend and view our range here.

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1-5 kg 10 kg per 27 wk 25-35 kg 10 kg per 4 wk
5-10 kg 10 kg per 32 wk 35-45 kg 10 kg per 8 wk
dehydrated chicken, maize, rice, chicken fat, beet fibres, brewer's yeast, salmon oil, carob, egg, minerals.