Dog Pool




Hot summers in the Netherlands follow one another and it seems to get warmer every year. Not only do we wish these days a lot of cooling from water, especially for dogs it is also super important to be able to find this cooling in fresh and cool water. This is because dogs cannot sweat like humans to lose their heat. They do this via panting and through their foot pads to drain.

How nice it is to see your dog playing lusciously in the cooling water. In this way, your dog can still expend his energy, but in a responsible, cooling and playful way. Have your dog do brain games in the pool, like:
1. Catching a floating toy:
Take a floating toy and have your dog “catch” it out of the water. Success assured!
2. Candy in trays:
Take some small plastic containers and that in each container some goodies. Place these trays in the pool and let your dog take the treats from the tray your dog finds this difficult then practice on dry land first?
3. Candy hopping:
Throw floating candies into the pool and let your dog have a good snooze.
4. Playing together:
The best part, of course, is being nice together. the pool is big enough for the two of you. Swim, frolic and have fun with dog.

Important: Always keep it safe! Provide clean toys. Do not play games in a pool that has chlorine in it. Stay out of the sun and preferably don’t play during the hottest part of the day

Ultimate water fun
✔ Suitable for all breeds (even the smallest. Tip: put less water in it)
✔ Foldable
✔ Without air pump
✔ Leakproof
✔ Also suitable for people (you also need refreshment during hot days
✔ Safe and durable

Safe and durable by unique design
Your dog and you obviously want to be able to use this fantastic dog pool every summer for years to come. That’s why we made this pool out of extra strong and leak-resistant PVC material with double stitching. So your dog can feel free to jump and play without worrying that the nails will scratch that will form leaks.
We also made sure that the bottom is made of ribbed material which makes the pool anti-slip. This way you don’t have to worry that your dog, you or your children will slip in this pool.
A big advantage of this pool is that after a day of playing you can clean it up in no time at all: remove the water, wipe it dry and fold it! It’s done!
Because there is no air in it and therefore no need to get it out, this pool is much easier to fold and store.