Covent garden – “Handsfree” black leather dog leash


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“Handfree” leather dog leash – black smooth leather with gold colored accessories

With this überstylish exhaust belt you are guaranteed to give your dog the wow factor. There are different prints and materials, so it can always be perfectly matched with the style of the owner. For example, this special one, made of beautiful black real leather with gold-colored accents. Do you want to be 100% sure of an Instagram-worthy look? Add a matching collar and you are ready in one fell swoop! All Studio Proud products are made of the best quality materials. This way you and your dog can enjoy the most beautiful dog accessories for a long time to come.

Genuine leather

This collar is made of high quality leather and has a smooth finish. The leather is sturdy, yet supple. This provides the perfect balance for the rigidity of the exhaust belt.

Gold colored accessories

The gold-colored accessories are made of an alloy of metals. This results in a very strong closure that is also safe for large dogs that pull a lot. We can also guarantee that the gold-colored accessories will remain gold for 2 years.

Exhaust belt sizes

The “hands-free” exhaust belt is 230 cm and can be adjusted in length by the different rings: 120 cm, 160 cm and 200cm. If you wear it like the model, the body part is 140 cm and the distance to the dog is 90 cm.

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