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WE ARE FANS! Our newest dog car basket!

Do you also think it is so important that it is safe and comfortable for your dog when you transport your dog by car? This dog bed for in the car is easy to take with you, very luxurious, equipped with safety tires and a non-slip bottom. with the extra option of 2 handles, so it’s extra easy to carry.

Easy to carry
The size of the dog bed is 46x42x32cm. This is the perfect size for an average car seat and therefore so easy to use. So you can easily attach the dog car seat to the front seat, but also to the back seat. It is also easy to take with you to the terrace, for example, and it can also be used as a dog bed in your own home.

Very luxuriously executed
We have chosen to use a water-repellent fabric so that it is easy to clean with a wet cloth. It will sometimes happen that after a walk in the forest or on the beach your four-feeder will have to get into the car very dirty. Due to the design of the basket and the water-repellent fabric, your car will remain clean and you only have to remove the dog bed with a wet cloth. Ideal!

Safety straps and non-slip bottom
This dog bed will be attached with two “safety straps” that are adjustable to the size of your car seat. The safety straps will be clipped in behind the backrest and seat. These safety straps ensure that the dog bed stays in place while driving, so in the event of unexpected braking or a firm bend that your dog can sit / lie down.

Advantages of a car basket:

1.5 kilo
Water-resistant fabric so easy to clean
Extra padded which makes very comfortable for hon
Safe thanks to the two safety belts
Dog car belt to fasten your dog safely
Two storage compartments
Perfect size so fits all standard car seats
Easy to attach with two safety straps
Easy to take to a terrace or park
Can be used as a regular dog bed


Dimensions: 46x42x32cm
Colour: Anthracite
Weight: 1.5 kilo
Material: water-resistant fabric

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