Step 1: Take the test

Discover the best food for your dog. We have designed a test that will reveal the perfect chunk just by answering some questions.

Step 2: you are the boss

Choose how often you want to receive the food, and how much you want to receive at a time.

  • You can choose for delivery every 2, 4, 6…., up to 12 weeks.
  • Depending on the type of food, quantities of 4,10,15 or 20 kilos are available.


Try 1 week for free

By activating your trial period, you receive a free food pack, without any obligations. You can always change or cancel your subscription. And for your first delivery, you only pay after the 7 day trial period is over.


Step 3. Add to Cart

Enter all your personal details so that we can deliver the perfect chunk to your doorstep on time.

Any Image

Step 4: Freedom Happiness

Every subscription is flexible.

  • Cancellable monthly
  • Too many chunks? Move the delivery date
  • Too few chunks? Move the delivery date
  • Break or vacation? Please indicate this in time.
  • Not at home? Change your address.
  • From puppy to adult or from adult to senior? Take the test again and change the chunk in your account
  • Other big changes and in doubt? Take the test and change the chunk in your account
  • Still unsure about something? You can always consult us. We will then submit the question to our specialist.

Step 5. let your dog enjoy the perfect kibble

Let your dog enjoy the perfect kibble and the perfect accessories from Studio proud, perfectly designed for your dog.

Step 6: About accessing your account

Manage your subscription when it suits you and where it suits you Easily adjust your subscription or pause a delivery, you arrange it all in your account On your phone or on your laptop.

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