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Do you want to be able to take your pet carefree in the car when you take a ride to the forest or to the beach? This pet car seat ensures that your pet is safely transported from A to B due to the sturdy attachment to the seat and the sturdy clips to clip your dog to.

Do you always hate that your car is covered in sand and mud after a nice walk in the forest or a long beach walk? All those walks are wonderful, but the frustration of a dirty car is also great. You can easily put your dirty dog ​​in the foldable dog car seat and then take it out so that your car stays clean.

This smart design and foldability ensures that you can easily attach it in your car and no longer have to deal with a dog blanket in the back. You can easily click this into your car and easily remove it after use. You then fold it up and put it in your trunk or under the seat. In this way, transporting your four-legged friend is no longer a problem and walking in the woods or on the beach becomes a really nice outing with a nice ending: a clean car.

Advantages of a car seat:

seat belt for the dog
No more dirty upholstery from hair, drool or mud.
No more scratches on the upholstery by nails
Adjustable mounting, so it fits in every car
Ideal size for small dogs: 45 x 35 x 25 cm
Easy to fold, so that the car seat does not take up much space and can be easily stored.
Easy to clean thanks to the coated oxford cloth


dimensions: 45X35X25 cm
color black
Material: Durable coated oxford cloth